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open your eyes wants to focus attention on people and the nature in which we live. Consequently, „For me as a photo editor, photojournalism is a daily passion. The idea of making photographic stories accessible in the public space of the city of Zurich is all the more appealing.“

Gilles Steinmann, Director of Photography Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)


„Such a festival is a casual happiness, because images keep slipping into the landscape, into everyday life, into the social passage of time. The rush of images nourishes a whole summer. Lust for the image, photo points, spectacular showing, gains in knowledge, urban magic and a million hashtags for Zurich.“

Fritz Franz Vogel, art historian


„Zurich, as the city of Zwingli, has a particularly critical eye on images in public space due to the emptied Reformed church space, as seen in the Grossmünster to this day. Blank spaces in public space frame photographic glimpses of that truth which reveals humanitarian and ethical insights. ‚Truth has a cheerful face, it does not look proud at all, and it cannot be won with flattery‘. Ulrich Zwingli.“

Christoph Sigrist, pastor at the Grossmünster


„Zurich is a cosmopolitan city, networked with the world. With Corona, this network was cut off to the outside, and a part of our culture is missing. Here open your eyes does good and creates a window to the outside. Zürich Tourism supports this open-air photo exhibition.“

Martin Sturzenegger, Director Zürich Tourism (until the end of 2021)

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